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Online Israeli Gasshuku – July 2020

Welcome to Israeli International July Online Gasshuku. Here is the link for registeration: (https://forms.gle/apdm1ovEjQ44MH6aA)Only members of the organization can register for this event. Please fill out the form, submit it and immediately transfer your payment online. The minimum donation is 20$ Canadian per participant (40$ Canadian for a family).Payments must [...]
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Vered Hadar – Budosai 2019 – Okinawa

Budosai 2019 We arrived in Okinawa a few days before the gasshuku and in the morning started training (Senseis Amos, Mishel and Yigal, plus Ofir and myself) at the famous Higaonna Dojo.  As rumored, it was very crowded.  There were about 60 people in one small dojo, not to mention [...]
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August 2019 Neko Undo Challenge – here are the winners!

The August 2019 Neko Undo Challenge is over and here are the winners! In the 40 year-old and under category Sensei Yiftach Govreen from Be’er Sheva began with 34 consecutive Neko Undo and ended the month with 62, a 82.35% improvement. The biggest improvement was 36 year-old Chen Vagshel from [...]
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The Dojo will operate in Beit-Haam Kfar-Haim, under Sensei Amos Daniely 6th Dan and Ophir Horowitz 1st degree black belt. Classes at Mondays and Thursdays: 19:00-19:45(children); 19:45-21:00(adults)
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SENSEI KATHY FARACHE – Moshe Ha Levy summer practice

Sensei Kathy Farach after a summer practice at Sensei Moshe Ha Levy's Dojo. August 26th 2019.
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Every year when my dojo in Atlit closes for the summer I like to visit different dojo around the country.  The workouts there are meaningful for me and help me to affirm my own work in my dojo.   On Wednesday, August 7th I traveled to train with Sensei Yaniv Shifrut [...]
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Neko-Undo – August 2019

Neko-Undo August 2019 Challenge
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Grading – July 2019

July 19th, 2019, 3rd Kyu up to Dan Grading
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The connection between Sanchin Kata and the Hara or Tanden

by: Kathy Farache Since I began training in 2015 the kata which has caused me to improve and develop the most is Sanchin.  Sanchin kata has a simply form but because all the muscles of the body remain in a constant state of tension and power, Sanchin kata is the [...]
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Chokusen Sepai

Sensei Leon and Sensei Yifat
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