Alon Golibroda

Rishon le Zion Dojo
Instructor Bio

Dan 2

I was born in Israel in 1971. At the age of six I enrolled at the Maccabi Rishon Le Zion basketball school where I began my first steps as a sportsman and continued there for twelve years.

At the beginning of my 30’s I looked for another sport and I met Sensei Moshe Halevi. I joined the Goju-Ryu Rishon Le Zion club, and with plenty of good will, hard work, patience and training perseverance I realized that I’d found the right way for me.

Sensei Moshe introduced me to Sensei Yehuda Pantanowitz, Z”L, who was the head of the Israeli organization. Sensei Yehuda Pantanowitz instructed me in a trainer’s course at the Wingate Institute, and I took an additional course under his guidance at the IOGKF honbu Dojo in Netanya. I managed to get a small but important bit of knowledge from Sensei Pantanowitz before he died which was a great honor for me.

In a training camp abroad I met Sensei Morio Higaonna, the head of the IOGKF, a modest and affable person, and it was a privilege for me to be taught by him. I was also privileged to be tested and receive my shodan from Sensei Higaonna.

Today I still train with Sensei Moshe Halevi Rishon Le Zion and under his guidance I teach the children’s groups.
At the age of 39 I pass a clear message to all adult karate students that will power is more important than youth, and that any person can rediscover himself regardless of his or her age.