I also had the pleasure and honor of being one of Sensei’s Teachers….very few people have impressed me so much in my lifetime…his integrity, modesty, non materialistic philosophy of life, knowledge…and more than anything his willing to help….I was the witness to some of the many good deeds that both him and Norma did to help needy students and their families even at their own economical risk…things that very few people are willing to do….. and very few knew about as the did not want these to be known ….

As for the Martial Arts ….Sensei lived and breathed it every moment ,extremely respected Worldwide as a Martial Artist Teacher, Lecturer and our only Israeli International referee…he has left a stamp worldwide and lifted our flag way high a thing that all Israeli martial artists should be proud of.

They say that every person has someone who can change them in this case Sensei Yehuda Pantanowitz was unique, irreplaceable but leaves behind a great array of Teachers which I hope will continue to carry his vision on as I will.

My deepest sorrows to all the family from the bottom of my heart, he will be missed by all….

Yours truly
David Rodriguez

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